Dear Pastors and Friends,

From the beautiful Northland Campus, there is an active camping ministry and a lot of hard working people securing a bright future for Northland’s many friends. For the multitude of former and current pastors, parents, alumni, students, campers, and staff who desire to see Northland thrive, I want you to know that the Northland leadership team and many supporters are serving with great eagerness to do ministry at this location once again.

There have been many important periods of time in Northland’s history; none bigger than when it all started in 1958 when a generous and ministry-minded founder, named Paul Patz, stepped out by faith and started Northland. He went at it year after year and kept tackling bigger opportunities and God blessed.

But another important date happened. Northland, while on the verge of closing its doors for good just about a year ago, never closed. By hard work, faithful prayer, and constant encouragement, Northland remains open till this day still striving, still working, and still encouraging. We are thankful for the numerous people who stepped up to make this happen.

On behalf of the Northland team, which includes everyone that loves Northland and desires to see it move forward, we are asking one big request. Will you join us at Northland with your family and with your young people this summer? Your decision concerning this invitation is as big as our founder’s decision in 1958 to start Northland. It requires a decision, it requires sacrifice, and it requires faith.

Because we are in a rebuilding year, our need for people to come together is bigger today than at any other time in our history. A few of us thought that Northland was possible again; now we need Northland’s friends and supporters to believe it must happen again. We believe that former and current supporters of Northland, including pastors, churches, campers, families, and alumni are excited to see active camp and academic programs at the Northland Campus once again. But this time we all get to participate. Northland always believed it was about the team. We are asking the Northland team to come back and help us do something to the glory of God, in honor of our founder and the many staff who served, and productively use this beautiful campus to serve campers, students, and the world again.

We need you more than ever. We need your prayer. Yes, we need some finances. But we need action. Bring your families, send your kids, and help Northland grow once again.

On behalf of Northland friends and supporters,

Jeff Kahl, Camp Director

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