Dear Alumni/Friend of Northland,

Northland is a special place, which has filled our hearts with fond memories, many friends, building blocks for life, career, and ministry, not to mention an environment where we have been able to see God work not only in our own life, but in the lives of so many.

Like you, when opportunities allow us to meet friends from college, former faculty and staff, fellow Christian families, and so many others, including colleagues and campers, it is comforting to know we all share a common bond---an appreciation for Northland. Northland was that ‘out of the way’ place, which for reasons that perhaps differ from person to person, drew us in, kept us serving, and sent us out. And we all benefited from the time that we spent here. Those were great days. Those were the days that we can never change, but will always cherish. Sure, we could have gone elsewhere but we didn’t. We chose Northland. And the time on that campus, in that classroom, with those roommates, at that event, and with our friends, is etched in our minds.

Northland emphasized serving others and loving God with all their hearts. Sure, all of us have changed since our Northland days, but Northland has the same heartbeat. Northland was never meant to be your spiritual parent, but a spiritual place that gave you encouragement on your journey, some stability in your thinking, and a challenge for your future. Regardless of where you live and where you have gone since your last time at Northland, Northland remains committed to our alumni and former students, and each of our many friends, for a lifetime.

But, Northland has never asked much before, until now. Northland has always been a giving organization because of the gracious and generous donors of the past, including our founding family, and our beloved founder, Dr. Paul Patz. But we need you to consider helping us at this time.

We have four family camps with Les Ollila and/or Marty Herron in 2017. Plus, some supplemental speakers so these men can spend more time with you. Why not make 2017 a place where you can reinvest in the future of Northland, so another generation of Northland campers and students can enjoy what we did.

There are 400 family camp spots available. I am asking our faculty, staff, board members, family campers, pastors, alumni, and all those who know Northland so intimately and have been impacted by Northland in their collegiate years and time as campers, to make plans to come to family camp in 2017. With Northland’s steady decline over the years in camper attendance, Northland needs to grow a little faster to ensure stability and a faster, stronger future. The summer of 2017 will be the first formal chance to do our part on behalf of Northland’s future.

We have been able to stabilize Northland but we need to utilize Northland to keep it stabilized. While many have already made commitments to visit, I wanted to make a personal appeal and/or a personal, formal invitation to a group of people who loved Northland perhaps more than most, simply because of the impact it had in your life and the great memories in your heart.

On behalf of a founder and the founding family, along with the hundreds that stood with Northland over the years, let’s shower Northland with the gift of our return. When someone stood by faith, like Paul Patz did, it should be our desire to take our place next to him and stand in a long line of people who have given, served, and sacrificed for the purpose of advancing a mission we all believed in. One more week at Northland is all we ask our alumni, staff, faculty, and friends to give back. Will you join us for Northland family camp? Go to for more information on family camp and other programs.

In Christ Alone,

The Board of Directors, Northland Ministries

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