January, 2017

RE: An Urgent Appeal to Northland Friends

Dear Partners:

Northland has launched the “Partners Pressing Forward Initiative” where we are asking our committed, friendly, and appreciative alumni, campers, and friends to help take care of a $220,000 debt that continues to put untimely pressure on our recovery and rebuilding efforts. This obligation is a carry-over amount from the former ministry leadership.

Over the last 12 months, our current board of directors, along with generous friends, have helped bring it down from $497,000 to the current amount listed. We praise the Lord for faithful partners who have already stepped up to reduce the total amount so quickly and significantly. But we have a little more work to do.

With the daily operational expenses under control and the future increase in camper enrollment, we believe there is a growing confidence that Northland can be stabilized. With campers returning to Northland Camp; churches providing monthly gifts again to support the gospel ministry; international students making plans to attend camp and school at the Northland International Academy; and the reopening of Northland Leadership Institute for ministry-minded and gap year students, the board of directors is confident Northland can move forward.

There are many Northland friends all around the world. They have been impacted somewhere on Northland’s campus, by some person on campus, during some special time of the year. Northland is not dying but surviving. All it needs is a little more help from the friends who love it most and love the ministry a lot more. Northland will be a place where the Word of God is preached, the love of God is felt, the name of God is exalted, and where people esteem others better than themselves.

If you, your family, your church, or your business can help with a special gift at this time, you can help Northland do something many didn’t think possible—to survive another day to serve the Lord by providing a great camp experience, a great education, and a great vision for the future to multitudes more who have never yet been to the campus even once.

Can you help? Would you pray about it? The “Partners Pressing Forward Initiative” brochure can be viewed here. Partners Pressing Forward

For God’s glory alone,

Jeff Kahl

Camp Director

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