List of Needs


If you're nearby we have a number of projects we could use help with. Give us a call to schedule a day to come by and help. Bring a friend, your family or a group from your church. We'll try to up-date this section monthly.

  • Dishwashers (during Winter and Spring retreats)

  • Organizing storage areas (projects for 1 or more people; 2-8 hours in length)

  • Program activity helpers during winter retreats (most weekends in Feb)

  • Janitorial (1-2 people during Fall and Spring retreats)


If your church is upgrading its seating and has pews or padded chairs that are in good condition, but no longer needed please let us know. We're in need of some comfortable seating for the chapel.

Kids Chairs

Have any kid-sized Sunday School chairs sitting in storage at your church? We could use up to 50 kids chairs for children's programs during family camps in the summer.


  • 4 door car for traveling for camp

  • Minivan for use at camp


  • Riding lawnmower with 36" or larger deck that works well

  • Replace golf cart batteries $700

  • New road brush for skidsteer $400

  • Brush hog for tractor (3 pt hitch w/pto)


  • Ice skates (any size)

  • Cross country skis and shoes

  • World Globe

  • Finger darts ($1 each; need 100-200)

  • Unicycles

  • Climbing wall and zip line harnesses ($30 each; need 10)

  • Pack 'n' Plays (up to 8)


  • Coin sorter


  • 3 point brush hog

  • Large air compressor

  • Portable milker for goats

  • Chicken wire

  • 2x4 wire

  • 12' cedar posts or pressure treated 4x4s

  • Solar powered electric fencing

  • 3 point tiller

  • Case Skidsteer bale spear

  • Poultry waterers and feeders

  • Cheese making equipment

  • Small bulk tank for milk

  • Large meat grinder, electric Hobart

  • Metal roofing and siding

  • Fencing nails

  • Cultivator

  • Drip irrigation system

  • Solar powered system

  • DR trimmer

  • Meat processing equipment

  • Watering heaters and troughs

Meeting a Need

If you are able to meet one of the listed needs, please donate online and specify the item in the "This donation is dedicated to" field. To donate by phone, call the Camp Office at (715) 324-4200.

for being a vital part of the Lord's work here at Northland!