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An Appeal From the Board of Directors

A remaining $250,000 bank note with Stephenson National Bank needs immediate attention. To help retire this debt, the board of directors is appealing to alumni, pastors, campers, and friends who have been impacted by Northland over the decades. The current team has taken great care to meet all financial obligations and continues to responsibly operate Northland to provide future financial stability.  But this one large need cannot be taken care of by daily operations, camp and retreat registration fees, or regular budgeted funds.

The Unique Story

Northland was founded by Paul Patz who envisioned a special place to train a generation of Christian servants who would evidence Christian character, be strong thinkers, and have a genuine love for the Lord. Because of scores of friends and ministry supporters, Northland became that special place, for tens of thousands of people. Northland continues to emphasize having a heart for God, a heart for holiness, a heart for service, and a heart for people. On behalf of Northland’s founder, friends, staff, and the thousands of constituents, let’s move this ministry forward together.

For over 55 years, Northland has been funded through the sacrifice and investment of churches and friends and has provided affordable camp and academic programs in a beautiful facility. But Northland is more than “brick and mortar;” it is about God’s working in people’s lives.

The “Now” Opportunity

At this time, committed Northland friends and supporters are pressing forward to continue serving campers, students, churches, and the international community for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Here are just a few of the opportunities happening now.

NOW #1: Family camps are filling up with hundreds of families who desire a camping experience that is refreshing, relaxing, and reviving. With four weeks of family camp, Northland is able to serve, at capacity, about 400 families, representing about 1500 summer campers.

NOW #2: Churches are contacting us to schedule their young people for a week of camp for the upcoming summer and summers to come. At capacity, Northland is able to serve over 2000 young people each summer.

NOW #3: International students are registering for English immersion programs and cultural integration opportunities. These unique two-week programs will allow Northland to serve about 1000 international campers each summer, and even more campers in the winter season.

NOW #4: A multitude of organizations, representing churches, schools, and specialized groups, are reserving dates to enjoy Northland.

NOW #5: We are in the exciting, initial stages of merging international long-term education programs on the Northland campus with leadership and ministry institute training programs for U.S. students.

Get Involved

This is an incredible opportunity to invest in Northland’s future with end-of-year, tax-deductible giving.

Commit $1,000 or more now as a one-time gift.

  • Every gift will be used in its entirety to satisfy the $250,000 bank note.

  • Gifts received after the need is met can be applied elsewhere in the ministry or returned, according to the donor’s wishes.


"God does great things at Northland! For me, it has been a Mt. Sinai, a place where I met God and came away changed forever.  Northland has impacted generations for the gospel and will continue to be a place where you can go to "meet God face to face." I welcome the opportunity to give back to a ministry that has given me so much."

—Fred Barribeau

We are filled with joy to see the restart of Northland. This summer our grandsons were campers. Like so many others, they made spiritual decisions and were blessed through the camp ministry. We praise God that the mission of Northland has not been changed, and we continue to pray for this ministry. "O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever." Psalm 118:29

—Howard and Valerie Patz

The Northland experience was life-transforming for us. Practical Bible preaching coupled with an enthusiasm for ministry developed within us a passion to pursue God and His purposes for our lives. We are eager to see another generation touched by the Northland experience!

—Jason and Holly Knight

Questions & Answers

Can I give less or more?

Of course! Every gift is needed to move Northland forward to the next level of ministry advancement.

Can the gift be given over a long period?

Arrangements can be made with any gift size. While immediate donations are needed, we understand that a personal budget needs to be considered.

Why does this need to be paid back now?

Northland believes in taking care of bills responsibly and maintaining a reputable relationship with all parties.

Does Northland have a future?

Absolutely! The board of directors and ministry leadership team have executed a plan which allows Northland to exist long in the future.

How important are churches, parents, and supporters for the future of Northland?

Vitally important! In fact, they are the most important part of the Northland story!

What is the main purpose of Northland?

To impact young people, families, and students with the Gospel of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and to see each person mature spiritually. Our goal is to be a supporter to the local church, a servant to those who visit the campus, and a spiritual example for the next generation of Christian workers.

Who owns Northland?

Northland is its own entity—stewarded by a board of directors, a group of dedicated leaders who stand on the shoulders of a generation of former leaders; advancing the ministry in the spirit of the Northland founder, the heartbeat of a godly heritage, and the spirit of conservative, Bible-believing churches, families, and faith supporters.