All ATVs are to be properly stickered and insured and may only be used on the Northland trails to and from the WI state trail system. Avoid riding on the open playing fields and main campus, including sidewalks, roads, and beachfront. All rules pertaining to ATVs, such as, but not limited to, helmets and age restrictions, should be followed on Northland property. No one under the age of 18 is to operate an ATV.


Northland will provide each group with a meeting room appropriate for their size which may be used for sessions and/or other main events.

The Daily Grind Coffee Shop and Bookstore/Snack Shop can be scheduled for free time upon request. For groups under 50, only one store at a time can be open.


All attire should reflect the conservative standards of Northland. Clothing should be modest and appropriate for each activity.


As a Christian campground, please remember that smoking, drinking, drugs, conduct, and/or attire that promote or reflect wrong values or ethics are not permitted. Northland reserves the right to ask any guest to change their conduct, activities, and attire if deemed inappropriate to the family-friendly and Christian atmosphere our organization highly values.

In keeping with our Christian faith, housing will only be provided for couples who are married in a traditional Christian marriage between one man and one woman. While every rental group may not promote our values in every instance, groups are not welcome if they promote values and practices opposite of our values.


Guests will be responsible for any damages to the facilities, grounds, and/or equipment beyond the wear and tear associated with normal use.


To help our volunteer event staff, it would be helpful if guests would do a light cleaning of their room (i.e., garbage thrown away, wet towels put in a corner, etc.).


If 911 is called, guests must contact someone on the camp staff at the contact numbers provided. If ambulance service is requested, meet them at the front entrance and guide them to the designated location.


The event rental fee does not include full-access to all of our equipment. Please plan to bring your own equipment for group games and events.


All guns must be cased and securely stored in the owner’s vehicle. Non-owners and minor children should not have unsupervised access to firearms.

A shooting range is provided and is the only designated place for shooting. Only shoot at the appropriate targets for the firearms used; most targets are designed for .22 rifles. Clean up the range after use.

BB guns may only be used at the rifle range; paintball guns may only be used at the paintball field.

Fire Extinguishers

A $50 recharging fee will be assessed to any group whose members unnecessarily discharge a fire extinguisher.


Your group will be provided one campfire at the lake during your time at Northland. Additional campfires may be held at a cost of $25 per fire.


A license is not required to fish on our privately-owned lake; however, catch and release is the preferred method. Bait is available through local businesses.


Each group is required to provide proof of insurance for every person in the group.

Kitchen/Dining Hall

The State of Wisconsin does not allow groups to bring outside food into the kitchen, except for medical reasons, such as gluten free or dairy free diets.

Those with special dietary needs, such as food allergies, may bring their own food. A menu may be made available upon request from the Food Service Director.

Medical Supplies

Each group renting the facilities is responsible to provide nursing and/or first aid assistance and supplies to their group while at Northland.


All music played should be in alignment with Northland’s conservative standards.


Pets are not permitted at Northland with the exception of service pets, such as seeing-eye dogs.


Northland’s events include all-in-one pricing. The Rental Coordinator will work with you to help you customize a schedule for your group. You are welcome to integrate your own games and activities into the schedule as well.

Quiet Hours

Northland’s quiet hours are from 11pm to 7am.


Northland will make the Bookstore, Snack Shop, and the Daily Grind Coffee Shop available to rental groups. Rental groups may not bring in outside retail to sell.


Please confirm your group schedule with the Rental Coordinator at least three weeks prior to your arrival. The Rental Coordinator or Program Director can assist you by providing sample schedules and ideas.


If you invite family or friends to Northland for the day, they may purchase meal tickets or a Day Pass to participate in your event programming. Non-paying guests may not utilize event programming. Please make sure all guests sign in and receive a guest badge at the Camp Office. All guests are expected to follow Northland’s guidelines.


Each group is expected to bring at least two, but no more than five, volunteers. These volunteers will not be charged for food or housing, but they are expected to be available to work in the kitchen and other necessary areas.

Water Safety

All boaters under 18 must wear a lifejacket; all others must have a floatation device or lifejacket in the boat. Lifejackets and paddles will be available outside the boathouse. Make sure boats are secured after use. Do not boat in the swimming area. Return all swimming accessories to their designated locations after use.

Swim at your own risk. All non-swimmers should be closely supervised by an attending adult.

Swimmers should wear appropriate, modest swimsuits at the beachfront. Anyone 18-years-old and younger must wear lifejackets when riding the waterslide.



Assign one person as your group leader to work with our Rental Coordinator.

Call the Rental Coordinator to discuss possible dates for your event.

After determining dates for your event, please fill out the Rental Agreement and return it to the Camp with the deposit fee. Also, please note that your dates are not reserved until the Rental Agreement and deposit fee have been received. You will be notified with a confirmation email when the Agreement and deposit have been received.


As a rental event, you have the opportunity to plan your own schedule. If you would like additional help with this process, please notify the Rental Coordinator.

Here are a few helpful tips to consider when building your schedule:

  1. Determine the time and the length of your meals. Example: For teen events, 30-40 minutes is the approximate time for a meal, but for adult events, plan about 45 minutes.

  2. Decide the number and length of each session. Most groups do not prefer to have their sessions too late or immediately following a meal. Provide at least 20 minutes between meals and sessions to allow attendees an opportunity to prepare for sessions.

  3. Determine what time you would like to set for curfew. Reminder: Northland’s quiet hours are between 11:00pm and 7:00am.

  4. Consider which activities your group would enjoy. The Rental Coordinator will help you with scheduling to ensure adequate staffing.  Some activities, such as the zipline and the climbing wall, cannot be operated at the same time.

  5. Decide when you would like the Daily Grind Coffee Shop and Snack Shop available.

  6. Make sure you give your group time to relax!

Please provide a tentative event schedule for the Rental Coordinator at least four weeks prior to your event so that Northland can plan for the necessary workers. Also, please provide a detailed final event schedule three weeks from your event and the final list of attendees one week before your event.

Room Assignments

Discuss available rooms and cabins with the Rental Coordinator. Assign each group the appropriate rooms before their arrival. If you need help with this process, please contact the Rental Coordinator.


Please make arrangements with the Rental Coordinator for registering your group. Someone from your group should arrive early to greet guests and direct them to the appropriate place.

Please provide the Rental Coordinator with a roster of all event participants and a copy of room assignments.


Check-out with the Rental Coordinator at the Camp Office before leaving.